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NoK Issues


  1. Letter queries
  2. Remove admin bar – update css
  3. Import bulk members


  1. Authentication for private site only
  2. New login page
  3. Captcha
  4. Logout on menu
  5. Delete old CSV files



  1. Bug: cant have ‘&’ in column name or cant change options for column in admin
  2. Bug: table row hover , cursor should be POINTER
  3. Bug: auto sets columns to DATE when they are not
  4. Bug: edit modal places date modal in centre instead of relative to data entry field
  5. Bug: no close ‘X’ button for date entry modal (possible others if there are any)
  6. Issue: can we have edit buttons on top & bottom of edit form?
  7. remove delete button
  8. remove excel button
  9. remove add button
  10. Should Active field be yes/no choice?Yes
  11. Some sort of filter on nokMaster file – needs a look Filtered ‘Active’ by default so added null as option – fixed
  12. Add delete for super users


DD Export

  1. Set as shortcode to be attached to a page – possibly make function available as button or modal????
  2. Defaults 1yr old members with sortcode and acct nos, sorted by date – may need other critiria!!!!
  3. Allows user defined date to generate list
  4. File is saved and downloadable
  5. Data is viewable in collapsible panel
  6. Add column headers
  7. Rearrange fields correctly for DD export file
  8. Clear info & download button when generating new list?
  9. Use wp-upload-dir


Add Member

  1. Need to define the address fields properly. Which is Town? etc.
  2. Add date js for date fields
  3. Google partial PAF
  4. Force Uppercase on postcode fields
  5. Better form send button placement? Nope – added collapsible areas instead
  6. Better data checking before submit?
  7. Should Active? field be checkbox/radio buttons? Now drop down Yes/No default Yes
  8. Date entry wrong format its US s/b UK
  9. Drop-down list of Promo Codes from efreebie DB
  10. jQuery validation not showing main error box
  11. Better date choice on DOB
  12. Added CALC button for renewal date
  13. should Submit error open any closed fields sets that have errors?
  14. Should we include an add-1 add-2 add-5 Year button on renewal date? Maybe not as months as well Auto from promo?nope, calc from promo


EF & Transfer

  1. Set up new wpdatatable
  2. Write shortcode for button
  3. Write ajax move script
  4. Write wp function to get EF data
  5. Write function to insert into nokMaster
  6. Write function to clear EF table
  7. Transfer button on works if checking has been successful
  8. Need to resolve P&P or P+P table title issue with wpDataTables plugin



  1. Letters – produce pdf’s? No Now just creating csv download to be mail merged
  2. using Google Docs for letters
    • Mail merge works
    • Test letter created
    • csv uploaded to sheets
  3. Define queries for each letter
  4. Define columns required – same for every query
    • All selects create full field list – We can then use any letter template and one function!
    • Add extra data such as;
      • TODAY (todays date)
      • PRODNAME (product name) do we have to get this from clients table?
      • anything else?
  5. Get templates from Lee
  6. Create single print button on nokMaster
  7. Check out Google Drive API for auto mailmerge??


Import Members

  1. Use fileinput.js with BS styling
  2. Drag n Drop
  3. Integrate with WP ajax
  4. Change template display
  5. Update/improve UI styling
  6. Add import to DB code
  7. Fix debug error regarding CF7 file element action – somehow use prevent default or other system to stop CF7 running submit – NOT needed as this should only happen on dev site – TEST
  8. Do we need to set constants input for STARTDATE, RENEWAL date etc before upload?


Promo Codes

  1. Table edit
  2. New styles for table & menu


Note Facility

  1. Added front end Add Message option
  2. Can delete message from message page