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My Next of Kin was created from a real life emergency by Lee Hemington…. Lee’s mother Faye was rushed to hospital in a coma and given just 48 hours to live. The doctors had no idea what was wrong, the police had no simple way to track down Faye’s family, her driving licence only told the police who she was and where she lived, her debit cards didn’t help and her mobile phone was pin locked! 5 hours later Lee was finally tracked down and he was able to pass on vital information that saved his mother’s life. This spurred Lee on to create a FREE way to help bring real peace of mind to other families and to speed up the process we all take for granted.


Mobile Phones are usually smashed in accidents, or pin locked making it impossible to access your contacts.  Credit & Debit Cards only tell the Police who that person is, a driving licence doesn’t give a contact number, and if there’s no one else at home the licence isn’t much help either.   This card is the simplest way to speed the process up!


The My Next of Kin Card is recognised by The National Police Chiefs’ Council.


We all think, ‘oh that’ll never happen to me’, but staggering A&E statistics show over 60,000+ people pass through their doors each day.

As a guide

  • There were 23.4 million attendances recorded at Accident and Emergency in England during 2016-17 click here


In many cases medics have no idea if the patient has an allergy or medical condition, or how to trace the family. It’s your family, do this one thing today and order some free cards for all of you! Be Safe Not Sorry!

We are based right here in the UK and Lee still plays an active role in the organisation, and Lee’s mother Faye is thankfully still with us!



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