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Welcome to My Next of Kin, the fast and simple way to contact family members in an emergency.

Back in 1999 we created the simple My Next of Kin Card that sits in your purse or wallet and hopefully never ever gets used. 

Did you know it can take hours and sometimes day to contact a member of your family in the event of an accident or emergency?  Driving licences, passports, bank cards only tell the police who that person is and not how to contact anyone!  Our mobile phones are usually pin or locked with biometrics and are actually pretty useless in those golden minutes when the police and medics are looking for vital information. The My Next of Kin Card provides the information they need instantly, it's one of those simple ideas you'll be glad your family members carry with them. (Make sure you've got yours too!)


Order the NEW long lasting PVC card which is now available for a small cost which most people prefer and they have the new addition on the back for providing brief medical / allergy / covid information.  We ship all over the world for one flat rate. Order today and we'll get your cards in the post in a matter of minutes! There is a free paper version available, please click the button at the bottom of the page.